Full Episode of “I, Pedophile”

Please watch the full episode of “I, Pedophile”, a CBC Firsthand documentary here. Comments are most welcome.

I, Pedophile: A CBC Firsthand Documentary

If you are up for a controversial take on pedophilia, research and public safety I recommend you tune in for this documentary: http://www.cbc.ca/firsthand/features/pedophiles-resources

Funding Update from CoSA Canada

Funding Developments as per CoSA Canada blog post on Februrary 13, 2016 Since being elected at the end of October, the Board and the Core Funding Committee (formerly, the Social Impact Bond Committee) have continued to spearhead CoSA Canada’s efforts to develop sufficient, sustainable, and nationwide funding for CoSA programs. In the first week of… Read more »

CoSA Halifax is Back!

We are back up and running! CoSA is a crucially important program for reducing victimization in our communities. Please stay tuned as we re-establish ourselves in Halifax. We continue to facilitate three Circles in Nova Scotia; two in Halifax and one in the Valley. Please contact the CoSA Halifax coordinator anytime: Rob Elford cosahalifax.coordinator@gmail.com

Minding the Monster: Why CoSA is Necessary

A pedophile gets out of prison. What happens next? Please follow the link below to read an excellent article about CoSA past and present by author Ed Tubb published in The Walrus magazine, May 2015 edition. Minding the Monster Note: CoSA Halifax and Nova Scotia is closed for the foreseeable future due to a lack… Read more »

CoSA site in Nova Scotia closed as of April 30

CoSA Halifax and Nova Scotia is closed for the foreseeable future due to a lack of funding. The following is an excerpt of an email from Shirley Dixon, former Coordinator to all CoSA volunteers: “Unfortunately, due to lack of funding we have had to close this Halifax and Nova Scotia location as of April 30th…. Read more »

CoSA Funding Cut

The Correctional Services of Canada (CSC) recently informed all 18 Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) projects in Canada that their contracts will be terminated at the end of March 2014. The Correctional Service of Canada says it does not have the $2.2-million budget to support CoSA. We believe the government must provide CSC with… Read more »

Christmas at CoSA

Christmas is a stressful time for core members. With so much focus on celebration with family and friends, many core members feel the loss of family even more acutely; many bridges have been burned over the course of their offending and re-offending. Even though they are committed to not re-offending, many have no family to… Read more »

Not just crime-free

It’s always encouraging when a core member shows proof of not only a desire to live crime-free, but a commitment to do so. Even more so is a core member who takes steps to become a productive member of society. We in CoSA Halifax have had the pleasure of supporting and following the progress of… Read more »

The cup is half-full

These last few months saw some changes which could be construed as discouraging, but we are hopeful and we continue to honour our dual motto of “No More Victims; No One is Disposable” as we work toward our goal of community safety. We lost one of our fine original volunteers, who relocated to Ottawa with… Read more »